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Since 1992, Consumer Credit Counseling of Tampa Bay has been a not-for-profit, bank-sponsored program, helping individuals pay off their debts. Our goal is to consolidate all your credit card debt, medical bills, and student loan payments into one easy payment.  We Stop all late fees, over-limit charges, and annual fees.  Prevent permanent damage to your credit with help from our credit counselors in Tampa, Florida.


We Do

Credit Care Counseling

We Lower Your Interest Rate

Consolidate Your Debt

Save You Money

Repair Your Credit


We Don't

Debt Settlement

Settle with Your Creditors

Take a Percentage of Your Savings

Leave You With Unpaid Bills

Damage Your Credit

Debt Management

Pay off your debts completely when we lower your interest between 5–12%.  We can also establish a 3, 4, or 5-year repayment plan that helps make monthly payments more affordable, without damaging your credit.

Credit Counseling

Learn what credit means and how to properly use it with guidance from our counselors.With thorough instruction, you learn the principles of budgeting and how to apply it to your household. 

Mortgage Modification

To qualify for a mortgage, you need to repair damaged credit now.  For homeowners having difficulty paying the mortgage, we will assist with completing, submitting, and getting approval from the banks for mortgage modification.

Financially Speaking…We Help The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly



The Good


The Bad


The Ugly


Credit Counseling Tampa

Credit Card Debt

Credit Counseling Tampa


Credit Counseling Tampa

Student Loan Debt

Credit Counseling Tampa

Restore Your Credit Standing

Have More Money In Your Pocket

Save on Debt Payments

Reduce Interest Rates

Stop Late Fees, Annual Fees & Over-Limit-Charges

“Credit Care Counseling saved me!! I was drowning in debt and they were able to consolidate multiple accounts into one easy monthly payment. As a result, my credit is steadily increasing and soon I will be able to afford my new dream home!!”

N. Mosley

Atlanta, GA, Debt Consolidation Program for 18 months

A Qualified Credit Team For You

Our Board of Directors includes skilled doctors, lawyers, prominent business people, and civilians in the local Tampa Bay area, so we understand the credit needs and concerns of Tampa Bay and surrounding communities.

Start Fresh.

We have credit experts waiting to hear from you.  Contact us today for a Free Financial Consultation.  We want to help find the best financial solution for you.


Credit Counseling Tampa

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