Credit Care Advice | For those who are looking for credit care solutions there are a couple of steps that can be taken to ensure that your score increases more quickly. However, following those credit care steps can often be difficult because the burden of debt is difficult to service. In this article, we will discuss what individuals can realistically do to deal with debt and increase their credit score.

The Payments Really Matter
Let’s deal with the main factor at play in damaged credit scores according to the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO): On-Time Payments. As it stands, making regularly on-time payments makes up a whopping 35% of a person’s total credit score.

As a result, it is in one’s best interest to do whatever possible to begin making on-time payments as soon as possible. Maybe the interest payments on the credit cards seem too high to pay, so that person just decides to quit paying the cards altogether. Or, maybe a person just has so many different accounts that they forget to pay one from month to month.

Either of these situations can result in long-term credit problems that are difficult to get out of, so we need to begin addressing them right away.

Excuses Aside: Consolidate Debt
Thankfully, there is a solution that should be looked at immediately to help with addressing both of the above problems: debt consolidation. By using a debt consolidation firm like Consumer Credit Counseling of Tampa Bay, a person can bundle all of their credit card payments into a single loan that has a lower rate and can be paid off more reasonably over time.

Furthermore, Credit Care Counseling can help an individual with their student loans, mortgage problems, and other situations. They also provide all sorts of teaching programs to help individuals and their families better manage credit.

Any person who is struggling with credit should consider contacting a firm like this to get help in their situation. By paying off bills on-time and reducing outstanding balances on credit accounts regularly, and individual may find that their credit score increases rather rapidly in the next 12 months.

Credit Care Counseling offers a five-year credit consolidation program that will give you a chance to improve your credit score and make more sound financial decisions. For further information about our debt management program, call us at 813-616-5234.