Debt Consolidation | If you’re like most college graduates, you’ve likely spent the last two to four years worrying about the next five-page essay or science exam. However, as graduation nears, you immediately realize that there is an even bigger test awaiting you. The test of balancing life after graduation with mounting student loans that need to be repaid.

You are not alone as millions of others find themselves trying to solve the same equation. There are several options available for graduates who owe student loans. Debt consolidation, deferment or other sensible solutions help alleviate much of the stress associated with repayment.

Keep reading to find out the best way to approach student loan debt:

1. Review Your Loans

You’ve been consumed with college credits, courses and maintaining good grades for the past few years. It is common to not be aware of the total amount accumulated in student loans. Take the time to retrieve your total balance prior to making any decisions for repayment. Debt consolidation agents can assist with this part of the process.

2. Know Your Options

Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed with repaying the loans. While they must be repaid, you must also find the method that works best for you and your situation. It is never advised to simply ignore them, because this will have a lasting effect on your credit report and ability to obtain future credit. Speak to professional financial counselors about your repayment options for student loans.

3. Single Payment Option

College graduates will have a variety of options regarding their loans. It helps some to have the option of making a single monthly payment. A consolidated payment amount could be less than making each payment individually. Counselors with debt consolidation services can explain the monetary difference in doing one over the other.

If you are a college graduate and overwhelmed with student loan debt, contact Credit Counseling Tampa Bay, Inc. for a consultation.