Debt Consolidation | The overwhelming feeling of credit card debt is one that many know all too well. The amount of stress caused by the responsibility of credit card payments is immeasurable. It is possible for debt consolidation to help alleviate some of the financial stress in your life. Be advised, this is not debt settlement, as you are still responsible for the debt. Consolidation helps to better manage the repayment and its terms without having a negative impact on your credit report or score.

Here are a few tips to consider during the consolidation process:

1.Take a Look at Your Credit Accounts

This helps to determine exactly how much outstanding debt you owe. Most people are familiar with the individual accounts but are shocked to learn the total amount they owe in credit cards or other loans. Financial advisors can assist with the use of debt consolidation tools to show you how to save money in interest and total monthly payments.

2. Proactive Reassurance

There is a sense of reassurance to be gained when you take control of your debt. Being proactive by assessing the debt you owe and finding the best repayment solution for your financial situation. Knowing that you are paying less interest and a smaller monthly payment makes it possible to better manage other issues in life that may or may not be directly related to finances.

3. Credit Worthiness

It is beneficial to gain credit approval when needed. Debt consolidation does not decrease or affect your ability to gain approval for certain loans or credit accounts. If anything, it increases the possibility to do so. Creditors are eager to offer funding to individuals who are proactive and responsible with their existing credit accounts.

If you are faced with multiple credit card payments, contact Credit Counseling Tampa Bay, Inc. to help you manage those payments.