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Put a stop to calls from bill collectors with the credit counseling and repair services from our team in Tampa, Florida.

Credit Care is a bank sponsored program to help individuals pay off their debts in a quick and timely manner. Since it is a program rather than a loan, it is much easier to reach all of the qualifications Prevent permanent damage to your credit with help from our credit counselors in Tampa, Florida. 

How It Works

The bottom line is that if you qualify for programs through Consumer Credit Counseling of Tampa Bay. you will have more money in your pocket each month, and you will save on debt payments.

Since I joined the debt management program, they were able to pay off all of my accounts in full without damaging my credit within 5 years. I quickly realized that it was the significant interest rate reduction offered by the banks that make this possible. It is a wonderful program and I strongly recommend and urge anyone who has a significant credit card debt load to consider joining this program.

Dr. Karen W., Palm Harbor, FL

Credit Care is a Non-profit organization. Our funds are derived from basically two sources: our clients and from various lenders. To join for up to a 5 year program, there is a onetime charge of up to $150.00.This fee does not have to be paid in advance. There is also a monthly postage charge to process your payments and these fees range from as low as $10 per month to a maximum of $45 per month. The fee is based solely on the number of accounts you have. In the event that a client is financially unable to pay our fees, the service will be provided without cost. We allow a client up to three months to pay the set-up fee so that all clients can get help quickly and easily.

If you qualify for consolidation, banks will suspend all late and annual fees, and will also bring all of your accounts back to the current status.

When you graduate from the program, you can re-apply and request the bank reopens those accounts, as they may re-open 1 or all. Call us now to stop the financial bleeding from your debt.

When initially joining the program, you must be aware that it can take up to three months before all of the banks recognize the program. We close all accounts placed into the program. It is the banks decision, solely, to re-open the accounts when paid but it is our experience that they need.

We offer clients programs ranging from one year up to five years to consolidate their bills. We use budgeting and common sense spending agendas as guidelines to help clients succeed.

Joining CCCS program does not affect your credit. We require that you are enrolled for at least one year before applying for mortgage or auto loans. We suggest that as much as possible, however, you avoid additional debts while participating in the program.

Each month, the banks will continue to mail your statements to your home address. We will then review these statements with each client for the first three months. It will then be each client’s responsibility to maintain close watch over each statement. Clients should also be aware that this organization is funded, in part or whole, by the various banks that we work for, and this payment is known as the fair share compensation.

5 Year Plan – Illustrated:

• For $5,000 your payments are $125.00 per month.

• For $10,000 your payments are $250.00 per month.

• For $15,000 your payments are $375.00 per month.

• For $25,000 your payments are $575.00 per month.

• For $40,000 your payments are $900.00 per month.

• For $50,000 your payments are $1125.00 per month.

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